Sales-Building Specialists In The
Retail Pharmacy Category

Running a Retail Pharmacy chain—or single store--is tough.

In no other retail category are the competitors as aggressive, the customers so diverse, and the regulations, political and price pressures so invasive.

It's a hard place to survive, yet alone thrive.

Yet at Lazor/Yost, we've successfully helped pharmacies like Fruth and Klingensmith’s create and market unique retail brands of their own, and develop new ways to attract and retain customers with innovative marketing programs, new products and services.

Our specializing knowledge of the Pharmacy industry---from Medicine to Medical Supplies, from Pharmacists to Photos, from Flu Shots to Fitness, from Gifts to Generics, or Seasonal to Shampoo, there isn't one aspect of growing pharmacy sales we haven't been involved in.

Call us today and learn how Lazor/Yost can add value, creativity and sales to your pharmacy.
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